A downloadable game for Windows

The Fancy Goldfish.

Known as much for its stalwart vigilance as its regal appearance, much of the majestic creature's true motivations are shrouded in mystery. Does it grant wisdom to those who ponder the depths in its bulging eyeballs? Are the subtle swishes of its tail in fact an elaborate dance to signal visitors from beyond the stars? Will the Fancy Goldfish be one day synonymous with enlightenment, wonder, and glory?


Still, we must strive to understand the Fancy Goldfish if we are truly to understand ourselves. Yes, the Fancy Goldfish is forever in search of the delicious flakes, but why? For the first time ever, step inside the mind of the Fancy Goldfish and learn firsthand what drives it. Flakes. Pellets. And that's probably it.


Many dangers lie in the tank for the unwary Fancy Goldfish. Too many flakes. Not enough flakes. Rival sea beasts, jellybean toes, forgetting what lies in that funky skull. Avoid hazards as you fight for survival, and do not fear. Should you be overwhelmed by dangers, you'll probably forget about them in a few seconds…

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FancyGoldfish_v1.1.exe 69 MB