This is INtire!

Several adorable goats are in trouble and it's up to you to save them from their natural predators: giant spiders! Take control of Emma or Marcel and safely hurl the little critters to the safety of their wicker baskets while either dodging the spiders or smacking them into submission with your screen doors. The INtire game only gives you one screen to defend with, but it's pretty durable so don't worry. As you save more goats, you'll attract more spiders. Keep An eye out for the special Golden Goat!

Player 1 (Emma) Controls
Left/Right: A/D
Jump: W
Action (throw goat/swing door): Space or S

Player 2 (Marcel) Controls
Left/Right: Left Arrow/Right Arrow
Jump: Up Arrow
Action (throw goat/swing door): Control or Down Arrow

Built in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 31.


INtire (Windows .exe) 5 MB