A downloadable game for Windows

Legend has it that some nights, when the moon is shadowed, the bones of the dead will rise up and do battle! Join the ranks of the clattering corpses in cryptic combat and defeat your rivals. If you find your brittle bones are not enough to fuel your rampage, try on the two mystic costumes: werewolf and eyebeast. Put them on and use their powers to bash, blast, and smash the other skeletons! Dangerous traps litter the battlefield as well, begging to be triggered by some sneaky skeletons. Just be careful that you aren't the one ensnared. If you should fall, never fear – death is not the end…

Best played with two players and two XBox 360 controllers.

Made for Ludum Dare 33 in 72 hours.

Update 08/28: Fixed a minor error that would cause crashes if a player died during the final frame of the Werewolf dash.


Monsters...BRAWL! 13 MB