Keyboard: left/right arrow keys or click left/right buttons, click on/off to start

Phone: touch left/right buttons

Party like it's 1993 in this nostalgia inducing Florida State University football handheld game.

You'll have four downs to score the game winning touchdown (because we're high stakes like that). Touch the arrows or use the left and right arrow keys to juke the other teams into oblivion.

How to Play
Nole Position Instructions

Some of you will remember what we're going for here.

To those of you who don't, welcome to the early '90's. Be well.

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The Team

Micha Faw- Fearless leader, programmer, music

John Thrasher- programmer extraordinaire, no not that John Thrasher

Jodi Slade- Artist, yes that Jodi Slade

Jesse Slade- gameplay, general silliness

Special thanks to Carla Castillo and Jen Thrasher for additional design and playtesting

A game by AFlat Miner Studios

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