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Do you like eating? We do. Do you like bratwurst? We do. Prove your love by eating as much as you can before things get too uncomfortable.  Don’t worry, we’ll keep score, just like any other competitive eating contest.

In this game, you will eat bratwurst (and celery as a change-of-pace food) as fast as you can. Each piece of food you eat will raise your energy AND score you one point.  When you swallow the food, it moves over to your stomach, where you must use our patented Tummy Gun to shoot the brats and keep them from falling into your stomach acid. This is bad, as it triggers your acid reflux and causes the stomach acid to rise. Fortunately, if you allow a piece of celery to fall into the acid, the acid level will drop (veggies are good for you). Don’t let your energy drop down too low or your stomach acid to rise too high or you will have a bad time (and it’s game over).  But don’t eat too fast, as it can be hard to deal with too many brats at once.

Space: Eat next piece of food on your plate
Mouse Click: Shoot a bullet out of the tommy gun towards the mouse

Made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 40.


ItsTheWurst.zip 9 MB

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