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When you're a world famous archaeologist, hunting down treasure is the name of the game. Sometimes, however, it's just not worth the risk of death. So, what's a professor to do? Send in the interns, of course! The plan is send in some interns to scout out the place. You may have to sacrifice a few of them to figure out the safest paths. Then, send in more interns to grab the treasure. Meanwhile, you get all the credit. And the treasure, of course.

You will choose from among three temples and send wave after wave of your own interns towards the treasure. If your interns meet with an accident, just click the "Run!" button to whistle up some more. If your interns stop to catch their breath, hit the same button to make them start running again. If you find your interns repeatedly falling into traps, remember to look around for switches to click. Those spikes don't look nearly as scary with a bridge covering them! Also, be alert! There may be other things to click down in the depths of the dungeons.

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