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Daredevils often like to jump from high places to prove how brave they are. This group took things a step further, creating platforms in space near some of the local planets to jump off. This group of high-flying adventurers includes a boring billionaire, Lt. Bubblehead, Bootsie McGee, Boom Boom the burly bomb technician, and, of course, a goat in a space helmet. Take control of one of them as they get a running start into orbit to try to land on a target. If you're feeling really brave, you can attempt to hit the same place twice instead of a random target. You will be scored on how well you do. And hope you do well, because the world is watching and they are not afraid to let you know what they think. So strap on your spacesuit and get ready to run (and jump) out of space and onto one of four different planets.

In this game, you will be choosing one of five characters, each with their own special ability and slightly different skils, to run and jump towards one of four planets, each with their own gravity. You will hopefully stay in orbit and use your special ability to help you land in a specific place. Assuming you land near the target at all, you will be scored based on how close to the center of the target you are. There are three game modes. In the first, you try to hit the target marked on the planet. In the second, you take a practice run and the target will appear at the position you hit, though you have to make sure you stay in space long enough or the initial run will not count.  In the third and final mode, you can still set your target position based on a practice run, but the target will not appear. You just have to remember where you landed.  Enjoy!


Most actions in this game are completed by clicking the left mouse button or pressing the Space bar. Actions completed this way are:
  Start running
  Jump off the platform (don't run too far or you will fall off)
  Use your special move

Additionally, there are camera controls available:
  Zoom fully in or fully out - Tab key or right mouse button
  Zoom in or out incrementally - ctrl and alt keys
  Change the screen focus from the jumper to the planet and vice/versa - Enter key


TheLongestJump.exe - Installer 33 MB
TheLongestJump.zip - Unzip and run 20 MB


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Very interesting game Micah! Hard to understand at first but I somehow got it on the third time. If you ever need any music or sound effects for any jam. Let me know!